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Apache Arrow 0.11.0 Released - English translation of selfishly

Hello everyone. This is the second day article of Speee Advent Calendar 2018.

I joined the Advent Calendar for the first time in my life. My name is @284km per second.

I thought that I would not have a lifetime participating in the Advent Calendar. But nisshiee-san who wrote the article on day 1 invited me in a clever way, so I decided to write contrary to expectation.

By the way, I will post an English translation of article Apache Arrow 0.11.0 Released by Sutou-san.

I hope that this article will be delivered to those who live in Tokyo and who are better at English than Japanese. If you are interested, join the Apache Arrow Tokyo Meetup 2018 held on Saturday, December 8!

みなさんこんにちは、これは Speee Advent Calendar 2018 の 2 日目の記事です。

生まれて初めてアドベントカレンダーというものに参加しました。秒速284km と申します。

僕はアドベントカレンダーに参加することは一生ないだろうなと思っていたのですが、 1 日目を担当した にっしーさん が絶妙な巻き込み方をしてきたのでまんまと書く運びとなりました。

ところで今回は、以前 須藤さん が書いた記事である Apache Arrow 0.11.0リリース の勝手英訳を公開しようと思います。

東京在住で英語の方が得意な方に届くといいなぁという気持ちです。興味のある方は 12/8 (土) 開催の Apache Arrow Tokyo Meetup 2018 に是非参加してみてください!

Original article

Apache Arrow 0.11.0 Released (October 10, 2018)

The original Japanese article was written by Kouhei Sutou, a member of Apache Arrow PMC. He was the release manager of Apache Arrow 0.11.0.

We released Apache Arrow 0.11.0 on October 8, 2018.

What's new in 0.11.0

Only about two months have passed since the release of 0.10.0, but this release is very aggressive. There are still a lot of rough cuts, but the following new functions have been added.

  • RPC function
    • It is named Apache Arrow Flight
  • Apache Parquet C++
    • It was developed in a separate repository but since it is closely linked, it was supposed to include Apache Arrow package
  • Apache Parquet GLib
    • It was developed as a separate repository, but Apache Parquet C++ was supposed to be included in Apache Arrow, so we decided to include it
  • Execution engine using LLVM
    • It is named Gandiva
  • CSV parser
    • CSV can be loaded into high performance and it can be processed as Apache Arrow data
  • R implementation
    • Implemented as a C++ binding
  • MATLAB implementation
    • Implemented as a C++ binding

Some of the contents summarized in the latest information on Apache Arrow (September 2018 edition) have already become old. The development is active! .NET implementation also appears after release.

We want to increase the number of developers!

In order to make active development even more active, on December 8 (Saturday) we will hold an event aimed at "Increasing developers" of Apache Arrow Tokyo Meetup 2018!

Not to mention Apache Arrow, also want to increase the number of developers of data processing related software other than Apache Arrow. For example, We would like to increase the number of developers of data processing tools for Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, R, Ruby.

People who want to participate in development but have not been able to take steps please take advantage of this opportunity! We are preparing various mechanisms to increase the number of people participating in development.

"Apache Arrow Tokyo Meetup 2018" cooperates with the developers and stakeholders of the following projects.

  • Apache Arrow
  • Apache Spark
  • R
  • Ruby (Red Data Tools)
  • Python

The Red Data Tools project, which develops data processing tools for Ruby, also cooperates with this event.


I boasted that I released Apache Arrow 0.11.0.

We advertised to make events to increase the number of developers of data processing related projects including Apache Arrow.